The story of

SEe you never

We first encounter Mike and Johnny in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in September 1964. Things were going well for the two young men and they met every day, constantly on the lookout for their next adventure.

Mike and Johnny really were inseparable. But this specific September day something was not like it used to be. Johnny didn't notice but in Mike's head, a dream had started to form. A dream that did not include neither Johnny nor Arlington Heights.

Mike felt trapped, bound, he just knew he had to leave. The world was greater than this. But where would he go? It didn't matter. Every place on Earth could offer him experiences that a life spent with Johnny couldn't. He had made up his mind. Tomorrow was the day of departure.

It was going to be a lovely day. Mike knew it as he saw the sun rise over Lake Michigan in the East. He had spent last night polishing his Kawasaki B8, preparing for the long journey. Johnny had come to say goodbye and even though Mike didn't know where life would take him, he knew one thing: he was never coming back to Arlington Heights again. Ever. He drove North. First stop: Milwaukee.

Mike travelled the world for many, many years. His Kawasaki took him from town to town, country to country, continent to continent. He travelled over 2 500 000 miles and saw all the wonders of the world. He met people. He experienced large cities and visited indigenous tribes in the rainforest. But he still wasn't satisfied.

After staying a while in one place, he became restless. He moved on. On and on. He didn't like the people. Nobody seemed to like him much either. Slowly he realized that there was only one person in the whole world who really understood him. One person who could make him laugh. And that one person was the first one he had left behind.

That is why Mike did return to Arlington Heights after all. He had become of age and moved straight into a retirement home. He didn't know if Johnny was still living in his hometown, or if he was even alive. No matter what, he would have time to find out after unpacking his bags.

Johnny was very much alive. And he was also very much living in the same retirement home that Mike had moved in to. And...he had been waiting his entire life for Mike to come back. He had so much to tell him! The little grocery store around the corner had a new name, a bicycle repair shop had just opened up down the street and they had painted the house next door in a warm, red color. Oh, he had so much to tell Mike.

This is where SEe you never takes place. Mike and Johnny, sitting outside a retirement home in Arlington Heights. Johnny talks and talks and is thrilled to have his friend back. Mike, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be happy. He just wants everything to be quiet. Meeting Johnny again was not what he thought it would be. They used to be world’s apart in a geographical sense, but now that they live under the same roof it is clear to Mike that they must have come from different worlds to begin with. And why can't Johnny just shut up?

Mike takes a deep breath. Inhales a massive amount of smoke from his cigar. He exhales. The smoke covers Johnny's face, head and entire upper body. If Mike can't get Johnny to shut up about all the insignificant crap he is going on and on about, at least Mike doesn't have to look at him anymore. SEe you never, Mike thinks to himself, and hopes that the smoke will never clear.

Mike's lifelong pursuit for something more was not about finding people he liked. After a whole life of leaving what he had in search for something better, he had finally realized what was wrong. He simply didn't like himself, and how could he ever escape that?

SEE you never

ft. Trippz Michaud

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The SEe you never lyrics

I didn’t need that

I couldn’t breathe that

(but) You didn’t see that

Comin’ in right…out

It was the size a boom in Nagasaki

See through like a teriyaki

Words hit me right in the face

SEe you never

I don’t want you to be near me

Want you to stay away

Can’t see one thing you can give me

Hope I will see you never

You didn’t feel that

And you knew I’d be back

But you didn’t see that

Waves would come and go and I was

Runnin’ and falling and scrubbin’ a knee

And the world and its pain and the seven seas

All of it jammed and packed in a bag and that’s 

When you said 

You came in ridin’ on your Kawasaki

Headin’ up toward Milwaukee

Left was a settling dust

I’m gonna be bound

I’m spinning around

I see myself pound down to the ground

The minute I leave

You didn’t agree

I counted it one and two three

I turned and I ran

It was when it began

My life a one man show

I knew it was time

It was overtime

To let you go

To let you go