EVerybody wanna go home Remix Contest!

Take the chance to be published on the official WHip Spotify, and win one of our absolute favourite software plugins:

Nectar 3+



Competing is easy!

1. Click the DOWNLOAD STEMS  button below to download the stems

2. Follow the instructions and follow us on Spotify and Instagram

3. Do your magic and create a remix with your own touch and genre of your choosing

4. Send your remix to remix@whipmusic.se in mp3 format on July 28 2021 at the latest

Scroll down for full terms and conditions

Original: 95 BPM, F Major

We genuinely believe that we're all good people here, but to avoid any misunderstandings when it comes to participating in our remix contest, please read the text below before jumping in.

Terms and conditions

When downloading the stems from this page,

you agree to the following terms:

  • You are not allowed to distribute the files or any music you create using our stems in any social media channel or on any music service during the time of the contest. When the winner(s) has been decided, all contestants who did not win may contact us for permission to post their remix in their channels.
  • We [WHip] own the stem files and hold the copyright to them even after they are downloaded by the contestants.
  • We [WHip] hold the publishing rights for all contestant remixes.
  • Remixes can be sent to remix@whipmusic.se on May 28 at the earliest and on July 28 at the latest. The winner(s) will be announced on Aug 8 and the winning remix(es) will be publicly available on Aug 27 2021.
  • The winning remix(es) is selected by David and Samuel of WHip. One or many remixes may be selected as winner(s), to be published on the music services described below.
  • The winning remix(es) will be uploaded via the aggregator Amuse under artist name WHip, and distributed to all major music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Amazon Music, Tiktok and any other service WHip see fit for the remix).
  • If the winner(s) wishes and previously has released music on Spotify, they can be entered as featuring artist on the release.
  • To receive the earnings from the remix, the winner(s) must have a Free or Pro account at Amuse.
  • The winner(s) will get 20% of all earnings generated for their remix via Amuse.
  • One winner will be selected to win the iZoptope Nectar 3+ plugin.
  • The software plugin download/activation link will be sent via e-mail to the winner at the latest on Aug 15 2021.
  • If no remix meets the quality requirements decided by WHip, no remix will be published on any music service under the WHip name. The Nectar 3+ plugin will still be awarded to the best remix.