The story of

EVerybody wanna go home

He followed the golden edges of the white envelope with his index finger. "Another one of these", he said quietly to himself as he thought about what to wear this time.

He started with nothing and with a clear goal worked himself all the way to the top. The upcoming party was just another one in a line of events filling his calendar these days. He didn't want to go, but he needed to. Skipping out could be devastating to his career and he risked losing everything that he had worked so hard to achieve.

When he walked up the wide stairs approaching the entrance, he didn't even notice the man greeting him and opening the large wooden door to the mansion. He was just so used to this procedure and what would happen next: The never ending line of glasses with expensive champagne, the fabulously decorated main hall and all of the posh people with fake smiles kissing each other on the cheek. And it killed him to know that he was one of them.

As soon as he had greeted the host and the most important guests, he made his way to a group of armchairs that he had seen close to the entrance. Most of them were occupied by other lonely wolfs, but he found one armchair facing away from the entrance, and sat down. Then suddenly he heard a voice from behind his back, and turned around. "Let's make a toast for this evening!", someone shouted.

The invitation came from a woman who had just entered the building, and she said it looking at the crowd of guests without really aiming the toast at anyone. Only the group of people in the armchairs looked at her with big eyes, chocked by her direct approach. The woman noticed them now, and headed over with firm steps.

"Hey guys, what are you up to? And why are you sitting here just staring at the ceiling? Come on, it's New Year's Eve!" When no one responded she changed tactics.

"Ok, I see now. You don't really wanna be here. Well...come on, follow me. I'm going to show you how to have a good time." She turned around and headed toward the door. The small group of guests all thought the same thing: "No no, we can't leave now. This party is for special guests only. What would it look like if we left this early?" But they were all curious about what it would be to spend New Year's Eve in this woman's company. She hade made a great impression and really seemed like a lot of fun after all. One by one, they got up from the chairs and headed toward the front door.

A caravan of cars was seen leaving the mansion as the guests followed the woman to a beach in a nearby bay. When they arrived they saw that there were already other guests there, who happily welcomed the newcomers to the party. The fake smiles were quickly replaced by hearty laughter and they all felt that this was something else. Thick smoke from the large bonfire made its way deep down into the fabric of their suits and fancy dresses, but nobody seemed to care.

And nobody wanted to go home.

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The lyrics:

EVerybody wanna go home

Didn’t want go there

Being all alone here

End another year

That’s what she did

(She did what?)

So mistreated

(Oh no)

Really what I needed

I am going home

In their high heels, fancy wheels

Happy meals NO!

But it feels like

Everyone around me

Saying hey, hey

Saying hey, hey

But everybody wanna go home

And then again the doors are opening

I try my best to fit right in

And someone else can steal the show

Everyone around me

Saying hey, hey

Saying hey, hey

But everybody wanna go home

They know they’re never gonna make 

No way for the grey

And it feels like

Everyone around me

Saying hey, hey

Saying hey, hey

But everybody wanna go home

This party’s not for everyone they say

To leave is simply not ok

And I just wanna hit the hay still

Everyone around me

Saying hey, hey

Saying hey, hey

But everybody wanna go home

Hey you

Let's make a toast for this evening 

I know they really tried achieving


What are you up to?

You don’t wanna be here

I see you’re staring at the ceiling

Take the keys out

Get your coat now

Time to leave cause

Everybody wanna go

Start a car, uh 

It’s what you want, huh?

Hurry up cause

We need to go now

Come on you guys

Let’s get out of here

Yeah, it feels like

Everyone around me

Wanna leave

’n make it real

So that we never ever wanna go home

This party’s not for everyone they say

But I say leavin’ is ok

Tomorrow we can hit the hay

Now everyone around me

Wanna stay

Wanna stay

And we never ever wanna go home